jr scoop is a middle school organization that
is an evolving, dedicated group of creative entrepreneurs. we specialize in designing, marketing and providing quality ice cream.


middle school

Our jr scoop members receive a priceless opportunity to learn what it takes to run a business. Learning skills such as proper food handling, interviews, selling product, customer service, graphic design and marketing, are just a few of the things our Scoopers learn while they participate in jr scoop.


As a part of a healthy business philosophy, we seek out opportunities to volunteer in our community at various events throughout the year. The Team donates a portion of their profits to local charities and schools.


ice cream

We (meaning the middle school students) create high quality ice cream made from the freshest ingredients. We pride ourselves on our unique flavors, like S'mores, Dirt and Ooey Gooey.

“It is rewarding to watch these students work to grow this company. They are developing essential life skills and becoming great people in the process.”
— Jordan Scoggins, Founder & President of jr scoop

Jr. Scoop is an entrepreneurial group of middle school students based in Wilsonville, Oregon.  The students run the Jr. Scoop Ice Cream Company, a nonprofit, with the purpose of acquiring essential business skills while creating high quality, delicious ice cream. The students fill out an application, go through an interview process, then join a group of like-minded students working in design, social media, sales and marketing, or ice cream development.

Along their journey, Jr. Scoop has partnered with the local Kiwanis Club and became the city’s first Builder’s Club.  Donna Bane, from Kiwanis, became one of their mentors and helped write their first grant which contributed $1,800 for the company’s blast freezer.

As part of a healthy business philosophy, Jr. Scoop seeks out opportunities to volunteer in the local community. Each year, the Team donates a portion of their profits to local charities and schools in the area.