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Monthly Flavors for 2016

Every month we will feature two delicious flavors of our handmade ice cream. We offer Yearly Memberships and the option to purchase the flavors each month. The flavors are carefully selected by the Jr scoop Ice Cream Specialist Team.


Seriously Doughlicious

A wonderful childhood favorite with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough added into our delicious vanilla ice cream


Our milk chocolate ice cream with chunks of pretzels and a peanut butter swirl


Vanilla Bean

An all time American classic of simply vanilla


The perfect ice cream for chocolate lovers. With chunks of brownies and our homemade caramel, swirled into a Ghiradelli milk chocolate ice cream base



Pistachio flavored base with chewy macaroon pieces

Mint Strat

Our mint ice cream with chocolate pieces


Cookies and Sweet Cream

Our vanilla ice cream with crushed Oreos mixed in

Malted Vanilla

Full of Malted Vanilla with pieces of delicious peanut brittle and milk chocolate chunks


Tin Roof

Our fantastic Tin Roof ice cream made with a fudge ripple in our vanilla ice cream, topped with chocolate covered peanuts spread throughout


Our vanilla ice cream with pieces of snickerdoodle and cinnamon



Our marshmallow ice cream with a fudge ripple and pieces of homemade graham crackers

Roasted Strawberry

Our homemade roasted strawberries in buttermilk is based from Jeni's ice cream. Like all our ice cream it is completely made from fresh ingredients. The strawberries are roasted to release some of there tart flavor, the buttermilk with it gives it some creamy taste.


Triple Crown Blackberry Crisp

Vanilla ice cream with a triple crown blackberry sauce ribbon and pieces of crisp

Blood Orange Creamsicle

If you like a good creamsicle you'll love this flavor.  It's a mixture of our vanilla bean ice cream with a swirl of rich blood orange ice cream.



An ice cream of caramelized banana with a delicious Nutella swirl

Dr. Rhoades

A delightful ice cream of Callebaut Milk Chocolate with roasted almonds and a marshmallow swirl  


Toffee Crunch

Vanilla ice cream with pieces of toffee

Mrs. Juras

Named after one of our favorite teachers this ice cream is filled with delicious Jamoca Almond Fudge


Halloween Candy Jumble

Our Halloween ice cream filled with all kinds of different candies in vanilla ice cream

Ooey Gooey

One of our most popular ice cream flavors of thick and creamy delight. With a ooey gooey butter cake mixed into a creamy base this wonderful ice cream based from Ample Hills Creamery is sure to become one of your favorite ice creams


Pumpkin Spice

A delightful fall time ice cream of pumpkin spice ice cream with a salted ginger caramel swirl swirled in

Milk Chocolate

The classic ice cream of pure milk chocolate wonder


Peppermint Bark

A delightful ice cream specially made in the winter season. With chunks of homemade peppermint bark and crushed candy canes added into our peppermint ice cream base.

Lemon Gingersnap

One of our winter ice creams with crumbled gingersnaps spread out in our homemade lemon ice cream base.

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